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Cymbalta 60 mg

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Cymbalta 60 mg

Cymbalta 60 mg is a prescription medicine, which used for treatment the following conditions:

-Peripheral diabetic neuropathy pain (such as nerve pain in the arms, hands, feet, or legs due to diabetes);
-Depression (known as clinical depression or major depression);
-Chronic musculoskeletal pain (for example, back pain or arthritis pain);
– Generalized anxiety disorder.

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Cymbalta 60 mg

Cymbalta 60 mg Drug Overdose

If you suspect overdose, turn to emergency room or local poison control center instantly.

Cymbalta 60 mg Drug Missed Dose

If you miss the dose of Cymbalta 60 mg, take it as soon as you remember. Skip the dose, which you missed, and resume the ordinary dosing schedule, if it is about the time of your next dose of this drug. Don’t double Cymbalta dose to catch up.

Cymbalta 60 mg Drug Notes

Don’t share this medicinal agent with others.

Medical, psychiatric check-ups and lab tests (for example, liver tests, blood pressure) should be done periodically that monitor the check for side effects or progress.

Consult the personal health care specialist for more detail information. Cymbalta 60 mg Drug Storage

Keep Cymbalta 60 mg at room temperature (about 25 degrees C) away from light and also moisture. You should know that brief storage between 15 – 30 degrees C is permitted.

Don’t store in your bathroom. Keep all medical products away from your children and pets.

Don’t flush medicaments pour them into a drain or down the toilet unless directed to do so. Properly discard Cymbalta 60 mg when it is expired and also no longer needed. You should consult your doctor for more detail information about how to safely discard this product.

Precautions and Side Effects

Side Effects and Precautions

Cymbalta 60 mg is used to treat a different of diseases, including depression and other mental disorders. These medicinal agents can help avert suicidal thoughts and provide other very important benefits. Nevertheless, studies have shown that a small quantity of people (particularly persons younger than 25) who use antidepressants for any disease can experience worsening depression and other mental symptoms, or even suicidal thoughts.

Consequently, it’s important to talk with the physician about the benefits and risks of antidepressant drug ((particularly for persons younger than 25), even if this treatment isn’t for a mental condition.

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Tell the doctor instantly if you notice worsening depression and other psychiatric conditions, uncommon behavior changes (including probable suicidal thoughts), or other mental changes (including worsening or new anxiety, trouble sleeping, panic attacks, irritability, severe restlessness, hostile or angry feelings, very rapid speech, impulsive actions). You should be watchful for these indications when a new antidepressant drug is started and when the dosage is changed.

Cymbalta 60 mg Oral Side Effects

Constipation, nausea, dry mouth, loss of appetite, tiredness, dizziness, drowsiness, increased blurred vision, sweating, or yawning may happen. If any of these by-effects persist or worsen, you should tell your doctor straightway.

Remember that the physician has prescribed cymbalta 60 mg since he or she has judged that this medicine is useful for you more than risk of by-effects. Many patients using Cymbalta 60 mg don’t have serious side effects.

You should tell your doctor straightway if any of these hardly probable but very serious by-effects occur:
- unusual or severe mental/mood changes (for example, nervousness,
rare thoughts of suicide, unusual high energy);
- Fainting;
- decreased interest in sex;
- shakiness (tremor);
- difficulty urinating;
- changes in sexual ability;
- weight loss;
- change in the quantity of urine.

Tell your doctor straightway if any of these very rare but very serious by-effects occur:

- bloody, black or tarry stools;
- stomach pain;
- easy bruising or bleeding;
- vomit that looks, as coffee grounds;
- yellowing eyes or skin;
- muscle weakness or cramps;
- irregular, fast, pounding heartbeat;
- dark urine;
- unusual tiredness;
- seizures.

Cymbalta 60 mg can rarely cause a serious condition, which called serotonin syndrome. Your risk increases when this medicinal agent is used with certain other medicines such as “triptans”, which used for treatment migraine headaches (for example, eletriptan, sumatriptan), certain antidepressants including SSRIs (for example, paroxetine, citalopram) and other SNRIs (for example, venlafaxine), tryptophan, lithium, tramadol, or a certain medications to treat obesity (sibutramine).

Before using cymbalta 60 mg, tell the doctor if you use any of these medicinal agents. Seek medical attention instantly if you develop several of the following symptoms:

  • loss of coordination;
  • Hallucinations;
  • Restlessness;
  • twitchy muscles;
  • unexplained fever;
  • fast heartbeat;
  • severe dizziness;
  • severevomiting, nausea, or diarrhea.

It not the complete list of possible by-effects. For reception of more detailed information consult to the doctor.

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